Cemetery of San Carlos

The Cemetery of San Carlos came to solve the big problem with cemeteries Matanzas had since its founding. The huge number of places for these purposes already exceeded the number 14, more than any other location in Cuba. 


Cementerio-entrada-1915Entrance to the cemetery in 1915

The files containing the information about the work of San Carlos is dated between July 15, 1858 and October 10, 1866, comprising 122 folios dimensions were large enough not to need another cemetery soon for lack of space, including had underground vaults, the only one in Cuba today.


underground Pavilions  in the cemetery

In its construction would be used Carrara marble, bronze and cast iron to define properties. The acres of the cemetery were divided between the municipal government and the Catholic Church that it was not the sole right to be buried in a decent place to partners. Finally, the first Sunday of January, 1872 was blessed in the chapel of San Carlos Cemetery. 

Cementerio_cruzCross in the cemetery of San Carlos

Cementerio_desde_el_aireThe cemetery of San Carlos from the air

this cemetery considering its spatial extent, was the largest colonial enterprises of the city and the last chance. For his contemporary is all Matanzas necropolis which has a greater chance of study in which the chronicle, the story and even the legend also have their space.