Prisons of Matanzas

Matanzas always suffered a lack of City funds, and to build a jail was not a matter of having a few pesos, at those times when cash was not avaliable, hiring rooms for this purpouse, was more economic and convenient. 

carcel1Membres administration of the old jail.

Thus, in 1756 it rented a room to Doña Juana López de Cuellar, in 1792, an ancillary to the house of D. Francisco Enrique, in 1797, the house of D. Rafael Molina and Montenegro and in 1809 he took two pieces of the house of D. Manuel Montanes, until, finally, it builds a prison for D. Pedraja Lorenzo, next to the town hall in front of the Plaza de Armas. The prison remained until 1840 when he moved to one built on the square of Fernando VII. Miscellaneous and could be returned countless places that have worked as a prison, but we can not fail to mention is the best known of Matanzas is now displayed gray. This was in the Calzadade Stephen, where he founded the prison illustrated, in April 1921. 


Building occupied by the jail until 1840

Here is currently the Head of the Ministry of Interior, while the prisons were moved to places far from the city and very different conditions than those who had to suffer the odd ruffian.